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Painful Lump in Breast – The Breast Cancer Chronicles Part 2

Guess who’s back? I told you I’d come back for Part 2 of the breast cancer chronicles. I always keep my promises. I hope you enjoyed the first one and I am back with some real solutions for preventing breast cancer.

There was a time when I didn’t have HBO so I missed a lot of the good shows the network had on in the past. I remember how people would always talk about the shows but because I didn’t subscribe to the network I missed most of them. Well, I recently had the chance to finally see the Sopranos and I am hooked! I have only managed to make it through the first couple of episodes but I know I’m gonna be watchin’ all the seasons. In the episodes I have watched so far, there was one character who developed cancer. They only had a couple of scenes with him but I noticed a change in the character when he underwent chemotherapy. It was as if I was looking at my mom again because I remember how she changed after undergoing chemo. She began to have problems with her heart and some other issue with her hand. I also remember her losing her hair and how low her energy was. My mother remained strong through it all but toward the end she told me she never wanted to do chemo again. I can only imagine how it was breaking down her body as she had the painful lump in her breast.

Painful Lump in Breast- Cost of Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a course of drugs which are supposed to eradicate or at least stop the growth of cancer. It may temporarily stop the growth of cancer but it does more harm than good. Not only does it kill cancer cells but it kills all cells! This is why you’ll notice a lack of energy, hair loss, and disorientation in most cancer patients. I noticed some of these symptoms in my mother during her bout with breast cancer. “Chemo” as it is called is something you never want to have to take. Most doctors admit it is really ineffective and can be destructive in the end. So how do you avoid breast cancer all together? Here’s how!

Painful Lump in Breast – Low Vitamin D Symptoms

What is one of the most important vitamins that all people are deficient in? Yes…it would be vitamin D. Our bodies can synthesize it’s own vitamin D through the sun but we rarely get enough of it. Most of us live our lives inside at work or home under artificial light. Even if you’re caucasian or hispanic and you suntan during the summer chances are you’re still not getting enough sun to make the amount of vitamin D your body requires. Now, if you’re african american its a whole story in itself. Most african americans are told and even taught to stay out of the sun because it may make them darker. I knew I grew up with this mentality and it has followed me down to sunny South Florida. I am breaking free of this way of thinking and have recently begun enjoying more of the sun on the beach. One of the low vitamin D symptoms is development of cancer! Don’t believe me? If you look at states such as North Dakota and Iowa where the winters are harsher and longer, breast cancer rates skyrocket. All you need to do is supplement your diet with 5000IU of vitamin D per day to significantly lower your risk for breast cancer, ladies. Oh, and as a side note the sun does not cause cancer. It’s the products people use to prevent sunburn that do. Have you ever checked the chemicals listed on the back on suntan lotions, oils, and sunblocks?

Painful Lump in Breast – Aluminum Free Antiperspirant

Most of us use deodorant… well all of us I hope! Have you checked to see what is in yours? Sadly, there are few aluminum free antiperspirant or deodorant products on the market these days. Most of them contain aluminums such as these:

  • Aluminum Chlorohydrate
  • Aluminum Chloride
  • Aluminum Hydroxybromide
  • Aluminum Zirconium

In addition to containing aluminum most common deodorants contain parabens. These parabens mimic hormones and increase estrogen which is a main contributor to breast cancer. Cosmetics also contain parabens too. (hint hint). On a further note, both deodorant and make up can contain talc which has been linked to cancer. If at all possible change your cosmetics and deodorant. I will provide links to products I have personally used or know someone who has with great results.

Painful Lump in Breast – Turmeric Cancer

Are there foods or supplements with anti cancer properties? Yes there are. Turmeric has been proven to have anti cancer properties and here are some more:

  • Asparagus
  • Graviola ( a south american fruit)
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries

There’s a host of other foods you can easily integrate into your diet as well.  Here are more things you can avoid to prevent breast cancer all together:

  • Sugar- cancer feeds on this
  • Stress- learn to relax…practice regular meditation
  • Milk- it’s loaded with antibiotics and hormones

If you can reduce your risk by doing the above things you’re well on your way to never having to deal with the big C and the painful lump in the breast. I have provided some links for cosmetics and look below for a free report you can read about breast cancer. What you read will shock and enlighten you.

Here are a couple of resources to download:

 Best deodorant I’ve found which works well for both men and women… but made for women





You can also visit PREVENT CANCER to learn more about cosmetics and other exposures.



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  • I have cancer, not breast cancer but another related “hormone cancer”, prostate. You are on the right track with the above suggestions, but why stop with just a few phytonutrients that have been clearly shown to affect human cancers in clinical published studies. I have done the research. I am pouring my heart and soul into this effort. I wish all cancer patients, the best
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